Since 1907...

What started out as a tailor shop in 1907 has grown to the St. Louis region's largest and most reliable uniform and equipment distributor. Our focus on providing consistently excellent service has enriched our relationships with local public safety departments and organizations, and solidified our reputation as the Standard for Uniformed Professionals.

Attention to detail and the personal care we put into each order and interaction is what sets us apart from the rest. Our showroom, which is open to the public, is staffed with fully trained uniform customer care associates and on-site tailors who are ready to meet our customers specific needs daily during our hours of operation.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Expert tailoring and customization of each uniform keeps you looking professional! Our team is meticulously trained in uniform and body armor sizing and product knowledge. Our tailors are well versed in the traditional aspects of tailoring, and are always ready to learn new techniques to remain up to date with industry standards and new uniform demands such as body cameras.


Our inventory is specifically maintained and designed to best serve the needs of our customers. We constantly monitor and balance what products we want to house using our perpetual inventory system and sales analysis, as well as the valued input of our customers and team members.

Retail Showroom

In an online world, one thing that we can offer that others can't is a fully functional showroom which is open to the public. Customers are welcome to come in, shop around, try items on, be sized by our professional sizing associates, and have alterations completed quickly and efficiently on site by our tailoring staff.


While our focus is on uniforms, we recognize that maintaining a wealth of knowledge on duty gear and accessories is also key to our success as a company for public safety individuals. For that reason we also stay up to date with the latest and best performing duty gear options available, so we can provide solutions to our customers needs on multiple levels, and provide a more all-encompassing uniform service.


After more than 100 years in business, we never stop learning about the latest advancements in uniform technology and products, so that we can best determine which styles to offer. Which style do you need? We help our customers make an informed decision about which products to use based on our knowledge of the performance and service of the different leading manufacturers in the industry.


Public Safety personnel carry a wider range of equipment than ever before. We are dedicated to staying educated on the latest products, and providing quality solutions and options for each specific need. Whether it's outfitting a SWAT team uniform, or making sure a dress uniform is exactly right, we can adjust the scope accordingly.


Our goal is to provide you with equipment that works, and works when you need it. We make sure to work with the highest rated manufacturers in the industry to make sure we are providing the best possible products from developers who provide us and our customers with the best quality service.


Leon Uniform Company isn't just about uniforms anymore! We carry a diverse inventory of equipment for public safety officers. We stock various pieces of duty gear in multiple finishes as well as tactical nylon. If there's a product you don't see, feel free to ask a team member about it and we will do our best to get it for you!

Size Availability

We understand that people come in all shapes and sizes, and to that end we try to stock as wide a size range as possible to meet the needs of as many as possible. If there isn't a size available in a particular product we will help find a quality alternative to accommodate the customer's need.

Customer Service

Leon Uniform Company places the utmost importance on communication, problem solving, and relationship building with our customers. We have team members here answering phone calls and emails from different department contacts and the public at large. We value responsiveness and courtesy with every interaction, and strive to find simple solutions to even the most complex needs of any customer.

This goes beyond "customer service". From the person who picks up the phone, to the person who is processing the order, to the person sewing, packing or delivering, every action is done with personalized care for our customers. Our accounting staff can provide multiple invoicing and payment options depending on the need of the customer. Everything we do is done with our valued customers in mind.

Company History

After five generations, Leon Uniform Company is still offering "turn of the century" service. We are very proud of our level of service not normally found in today's business world. 

As an independent distributor of uniforms and equipment, Leon Uniform Company carefully chooses the items to provide to you from only the best manufacturers in the industry. Through the years, the focus of the company has been to provide the best possible products combined with the best service. 

There are very few firms in the uniform industry that have the heralded history and representation that Leon Uniform Company enjoys.  


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